~~~~~~~FOXTAIL PALMS~~~~~~ in BEECHBORO, Western Australia for sale

~~~~~~~FOXTAIL PALMS~~~~~~
~~~~~~~FOXTAIL PALMS~~~~~~
~~~~~~~FOXTAIL PALMS~~~~~~

We have lots of Foxtail Palms available
$68 for 25lt bag
$135 for advanced pots
All palms are in great condition
We have a very large range of Palms Cycads Bamboos and Gingers to get your tropical garden underway from seedlings to advanced. Fully qualified Horticulturlists and Agriculturist are on hand to give you the best freindly advise and assistance in planning you very own tropical garden.
SATURDAY: 10am - 5pm
SUNDAY: 10am - 5pm
WEEKDAYS: by apointment only.
Located on 10 acres of tropical gardens with over 30 years of local experience.
Palm Varieties include
Golden Cane, Bangalow, Alexander, Foxtail, Fishtail, Robellini, Revoluta, Strelizias, Bismark, Ponytail, Magestic, Triangle and many many more.
Cycad Varieties include
Revouluta, Thourasii, Furfuracea, Zamia, Cycas, Encephalartos, Dioon and Heaps more
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